One family name all connected to the same roots "Rooted in Love"

Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia, and one of the largest National Historic Landmark districts in the country.  Savannah is best known for the exquisite beauty of the Spanish moss dripping of the old oak trees, the palm trees lining Victory Drive, the incredible and historic architecture, and the squares.

In Savannah, there is a
"Haitian Memorial Monument". This monument 
represents the role that more than 500 Haitian volunteers played in the 1779 Battle of Savannah. A significant moment in the Revolutionary War.

The monument to these soldiers resides in Franklin Square. A historically African-American section of Savannah, the statue serves both to remind citizens of past Haitian heroism and to commemorate the efforts of minorities.
This “2018” Colimon Family Reunion will be on 07/13/18 – 07/15/18, and will be about:


Connecting and Re-Connecting:  This reunion will give us a chance to meet family members whom we have never, and a chance to establish and strengthen new family bond

Celebrating: As a family we will come together to celebrate our family roots, our heritage, and our Family Legacy – The "Colimon" name

Honoring and Remembering:  We will take time to honor the family members no longer with us, our elders and forbearers. While their physical presence will not be with us but they will be with us in spirit.  They will be smiling down, pleased to see us come together to celebrate

Sharing: We will get a chance to hear, share old and new family stories. We can pass them down generation to generation

Learning: We will have an opportunity to learn and become familiar with each other, 

Welcoming:  We will be welcoming new comers, the newest additions to the family. Our family tree continues to grow with births, adoptions, marriages, etc. Let's celebrate!

Enjoying: This family reunion will give us time, and an opportunity to enjoy the company, fellowship, and memorable moments that will take place
Let’s remember, family members live across the US and abroad. Not everyone will be able to attend, but with technology, those who are unable to attend can still feel a part of the reunion through videos and pictures, hearing firsthand accounts from those who did attend, and from information posted online.

When it comes to a family gathering “we often say”
I don’t have the time, or, I have no vacation 
I am too busy, and it is not a good time for me
It is too expensive, I cannot afford it
I will attend the next family reunion

Next thing you/we know; days turn to months and months into years
Not every chance to gather as a family is to be taken for granted. Elders, family members pass, and children grow. Let us not have to say
“I regret, I wish, or, only if I had gone”. Be overconfident and say 
"this is an opportunity I will not miss"

❤ RSVP - Join in.... Say you won't miss it 
Don’t forget to SMILE… 
"Every smile makes you a day younger." ~ Chinese Proverb
Peace, love and blessings always ❤